Entrepreneurs who want to be at the forefront already use mindfulness today. They have realized the importance of being aware of their own potential and applying their inner leadership abilities.

Entrepreneurs frequently face new challenges, which can be stressful. By keeping calm in these situations you will make wise decisions and not get riled up over little things, thereby getting better results. Entrepreneurs who use mindfulness daily expand their potential, creativity and competitiveness.



To practice mindfulness has shown to have enormous benefits for your performance, your wellbeing and how you approach the world around you. According to Neuroscientist Richard Davidson you become more happy and optimistic by practising Mindfulness.

Davidssons team took an interest in happiness and were particularly curious about what makes people respond in different ways to major events in their life. They wondered why some people are able to recover better than others after being in a negative situations.

I have created a mindfulness exercise for entrepreneurs, a 14 minutes long meditation.

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  • Audio: Mindfulness for entrepreneurs, 14 min
  • Paper: Information about the exercise

Price: 100 SEK (10 Euro), pay by paypal, and e-mail me and I will send you the material.